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EYFS Curriculum

The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS) sets out the learning and development stages for children as they grow from birth to five years. For those working in the early years - whether in a nursery, pre-school, a childminder or in a reception class in school - the EYFS outlines what they need to do to support a child.

Did you know that children develop more rapidly during the first five years of their lives than at any other time.

Children learn and develop through playing, exploring, being active, creative and being asked questions to help their thinking. After each age band (see parents' guide) there is an example of some ideas and tips as to how you can help your child’s learning and development. As you know, being a parent is very special and amazing as you watch your child grow up. Please remember, that all children are different and unique.


Click here for Ready Steady Ride! Lots of activities to complete when getting ready to ride a bike.

Ready Steady Ride

Click here for CBeebies Link - Alphablocks, Numberblocks, Jo Jo and Gran

 Cbeebies Shows

NEW ClassDojo for Nursery children - opportunities to connect with families, share classroom moments and much more. Please join to stay connected. 

1. Download the ClassDojo app

2. Open app and tap parent to create a parent account

3. Enter name, email and create a password

4. Tap 'add child (+) ' and use your unique pupil code attached in the email. 

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