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Whole School Curriculum



Whole School Curriculum Statement

1.  Scope

     The St John’s Creative Curriculum has been carefully designed so that children
     learn and retain key subject knowledge and vocabulary from foundation
     subjects within the National Curriculum. 
                Our aim is to provide children with a deeper understanding so that they can say “I KNOW this so I can DO this.”
       This allows children to become independent learners and thinkers, who can
       direct their own lines of enquiry.  
2.   Sequencing
       Units of work are taught in an order that allows children to repeat key  knowledge, vocabulary and concepts throughout their primary career.  Where knowledge is repeated, it is done so at a deeper level each time, so that children make links to previous learning whilst building on the natural learning progression that takes place year on year.  This is done to promote and exercise the use of the long term memory with a focus on retrieval and recall. 
       Subject Leaders and Teachers purposely make links between previous units of work, as much as possible, so that children are reminded of previous learning.  This is always done with an end goal in sight. The goal is that children leaving Year 6 and entering Year 7 will have a deep and secure understanding of the primary national curriculum and a wide range of vocabulary enabling them to access the Key Stage 3 curriculum.  Similarly, Early Years' Teachers plan their curriculum alongside the Key Stage 1 units of work to ensure that children leave the Foundation Stage completely prepared for KS1 and in turn children leave KS1 prepared for KS2.         





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