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English Reading

It’s not the number of books you’ve got that matters, it’s how much you love them that counts.

Young children are wired to thrive on repetition. They beg for their favourite stories and poems. “Please read Room on the Broom. Do your funny voices. Please, please, please!”

The more you hold back, the more they beg.

The more you read it, the more they love it.

They copy your emphases, silly voices, crazy actions.  

You won’t have to beg them to read at home, they’ll beg to borrow the book

With this in mind, each year group has a favourite 5 texts.  These texts are shared with the year group throughout the year.  You will find the details of your child's year group's favourite 5 on their class page.  They are 5 books that teachers feel should be shared with a child before the end of that year.  For younger children, these texts will be repeated several times over. 

With the older children, and longer texts, further copies will be available for them to borrow to take home to have read to them again.

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